VMware NSX Installation and Configuration Part 12-Configure OSPF on an Edge Services Gateway

Configuring OSPF on an edge services gateway (ESG) enables the ESG to learn and advertise routes. The most common application of OSPF on an ESG is on the link between the ESG and a Logical (Distributed) Router. This allows the ESG to learn about the logical interfaces (LIFS) that are connected to the logical router. This goal can be accomplished with OSPF, IS-IS, BGP or static routing.

OSPF routing policies provide a dynamic process of trafficload balancing between routes of equal cost.

An OSPF network is divided into routing areas to optimize traffic flow and limit the size of routing tables.

An area is a logical collection of OSPF networks, routers, and links that have the same area identification.



Double Click on ESG-1.


Under Dynamic routing configuration , select ESG uplink as a router ID and click OK.


Under OSPF click on OSPF configuration and select edit:



Now under Area definitions define area ID. We will use the same area ID 20, which we have used in DLR:



In area to interface mapping, we will select Transit interface and map it with area ID 20:



Under route redistribution, select edit and enable OSPF:




In the following screen, the ESG’s default gateway is the ESG’s uplink interface to its external peer.

The router ID is the ESG’s uplink interface IP address—in other words, the IP address that faces its external peer.


The area ID configured is 20, and the internal interface (the interface facing the logical router) is mapped to the area.


The connected routes are redistributed into OSPF so that the OSPF neighbor (the logical router) can learn about the ESG’s uplink network.


Make sure that the ESG is learning OSPF external routes from the logical router.

Log in to your ESG , and run “show ip route” command.


Note that the below two routes are defined on the DLR and ESG learned them via OSPF.

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