VMware AppVolumes 3.0 Deployment and configuration Part 2

In the First part of blog , i have covered the App Volume appliance deployment , configuration , AD and vCenter Server integration.

In this part i will cover the App Volume agent installation and App Capture configuration.

App Volume agent installation on the desktop machine:

In order to deliver application to end-user machine, App Volume agent along with horizon view agent needs to be installed on the machines.

Simply run the App Volume agent exe file and follow the installation wizard.19.png20.png21.png222324.png

Managing Application for Deployment with AppCapture:

AppCapture is used to create AppStack for provisioning applications to users. Before you can assign applications to users using App Volume you must capture and package the application into AppStack using the AppCapture utility. Then we manually copy the Appstacks to a file share.

Note: Make sure you install App Capture on a machine with no App Volume and Horizon View agent installed.

The installation of AppCapture is straight forward, simply follow the wizard and complete the installation.

Note: You must capture application from the same OS into which you mount them. for e.g. if users are operating a windows 10×64 OS , you must capture the application using a similar or an identical base OS Windows 10×64 image.25.png26.png27.png

In the third part , i will cover the AppStack creation and assignment to the end users.

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