AirWatch 9.0 Installation: Part 3 – Application Server Configuration:

AirWatch application server primarily consist of 2 servers “Device services server” and “Admin Console server”.

We can install both the roles on a single server or on dedicated servers (recommended for production environments). In my case I am installing both the roles on single server.

Install URL Rewrite Module 2.0

The URL Rewrite Module 2.0 cannot be installed until the IIS role is installed.

  1. Navigate to and download the

Appropriate version for your install.

  1. Run the installer and accept the defaults for installation.

Run the AirWatch installer on each application server.  In my case I am using single server for AirWatch Device Services server and AirWatch Console server.11.png1.png11

You can expand both the roles and select/deselect the roles you want to add .1

Application server Installation is straight forward , just follow the installation wizard and you should be good to go .111.png111.png1.png1.png1

Once you see the success messgae , open google chrome (don’t use IE) and enter the FQDN of your device services server .1.png

You should see the AirWatch admin console login screen as shown above.  For the first login, default username is “administrator” and password is “AirWatch” all in lower case. Once logged in you will be asked to change the password.

Now you are good to enroll your devices and perform Device, Application and Content management.

I hope this was helpful, do share if you liked it.

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