AirWatch 9.0 on Premise Installation

I have created a 3 blog post series on AirWatch 9 on premise installation. The purpose of the blog post is to provide you with some basic information that helps you installing an on-premise Deployment of the AirWatch solution. This document does not cover upgrading your AirWatch environment.

For instructions on how to do that, see the VMware AirWatch Installation and Upgrade guides, which are provided which is available on my AirWatch portal.

Every on-premises deployment of AirWatch is unique and poses distinct requirements. This document is not an attempt to address each of these deployment types or describe specific configurations for load balancers, monitoring software, and similar tools.

It is up to your organization to decide how best to implement certain features such as high availability or

Disaster recovery. AirWatch can provide guidance for your specific deployment. Contact AirWatch for more details.

Part 1 – Database Configuration


Part 2 – SSL Certificate Configuration for Device Services and console server


Part 3 – Application Server Configuration


Hope you liked the series, do share and let me know if there are any feedbacks.

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