VMware NSX Installation and Configuration Part 2 – Deploment of NSX Manager Virtual Appliance:

After downloading the NSX Manager virtual appliance OVA, we need to deploy it in the vSphere environment. It was a straightforward process as in case of any virtual appliance installation.

Just make sure to connect the NSX Manager appliance to the management network that can communicate with the vCenter server. Also make sure to make the appropriate DNS entries for NSX manager before deployment.1.png2.png3.png4.png5.png

Make sure you connect NSX Manager Appliance on the same network as vCenter server .6.png

Enter the password for the NSX manager CLI admin and host name for the NSX Manager Appliance.


Enter the DNS Server , Domain and NTP information.


Click Finish and wait for appliance deployment to complete .

After the deployment completes , open the web browser and go to the IP  address/FQDN of NSX manager Appliance.


After logging in as admin with the password you set during installation, click View Summary and make sure that the following services are running: vPostgres, RabbitMQ, and NSX Management Services.



I will cover the NSX Manager integration with vCenter server and some other configuration on part 3 of blog posts. happy reading .